Sarah Jane Morris Solis String Quartet Paolo Cresta in Marghera

Friday, July 16, 2021 Hours: 9.00 pm
Reservations open: 11/07/2021 08:00 I killed the Beatles one act for singer, actor and string quartet by Stefano Valanzuolocon
Sarah Jane Morris
Solis String Quartet
Paolo Cresta
Beatles music transcribed and arranged by Antonio Di Francia Stage design and direction Pierluigi Iorio production International Music and Arts If anyone had asked who the Beatles were to Mark David Chapman, John Lennon’s killer, he could certainly have talked about it for hours and hours, quoting texts and music of the fab four but also – for sure – various passages of his cult novel, “Il Giovane Holden”.
When he was arrested on the night of December 8, 1980 in New York, in front of the Dakota Building, Chapman was still holding Salinger’s book. Not far from him, on the ground, Lennon’s body. With five gunshots, the former big baby from Honolulu had broken forever the life of John, the dream of the Beatles and, along with it, that of millions of people around the world.
In “I killed the Beatles” one imagines that in the hours spent in the cold, waiting to perform the crazy rite of death, Chapman relives, as in a hallucinated flashback always punctuated by music, his own love and hate story with the most famous band of all time. Looking for reasons, evidently, that reason does not know. The strong and unique voice of Sarah Jane Morris, engaging like a memory that comes from the depths of the soul, marks, in this show written by Stefano Valanzuolo and articulated through a sequence of paintings-songs, the stages of a story full of music and passion.
The show, directed by Pierluigi Iorio, recurs the echo of great classics (from “Lucy in the sky with diamonds” to “Come together”, “Yesterday”, “The fool on the hill”, “The long and winding road ”,…) rendered in an unprecedented vocal and instrumental role, thanks to the refined contribution of the Solis String Quartet and the arrangements by Antonio Di Francia. Finally, it will be the actor Paolo Cresta who will give voice and color to the concerns of the protagonist, Mark David Chapman.All the shows are free admission until all available seats are booked on this site starting five days before the event and up to three hours before the start of the show. Each user can book two tickets. The entrance to the arena will take place in compliance with the regulations in force for the covid emergency: temperature measurement, hand sanitation and a mask also worn on the spot. The use of the surgical mask is mandatory.

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