Jesolo yesterday and today

Jesolo yesterday and today
Jesolo has always been considered one of the Venetian beaches. Easily accessible from the hinterland and in particular by the inhabitants of the province of Treviso.

Personally, I have a wonderful memory of Jesolo. The Jesolo of the sixties, when with my brothers and my mother we spent a month at the beach every year in September. It was the best month. The rent cost fifty thousand lire, a figure that doubled in August.

September gave us fantastic sunny days. School would only start on October 1st. I remember with pleasure the parades of floats for the Grape Festival in via Bafile. The walks in the evening, the smell of popcorn, the funfair, the rides, the sea, the sand, the beach.

Jesolo was very different and has changed as it should be for a holiday resort. It always remains a place to spend an unforgettable holiday. Nightlife, water parks, horseback riding mountain bike excursions in the inland are just some of the many activities that a turist can engage into, during the vacation. Not to mention the food and the local wines that, as in any location of Veneto are always to be considered as one of the main “attraction” for the foreing and the local tourists

A destination for young people who love nightlife but also for families and the thousands of tourists who flock to its beaches every year, from the lighthouse to Cortellazzo and where there is never a lack of choice of excellent dishes and wines in the numerous restaurants, pizzerias, trattorias. And the evening walks in via Bafile, the artisan ice creams, the evenings at the disco and the moonlit nights to observe the sea.

(Text and photos: Pio Dal Cin)

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