Jesolo eco-friendly destination to experience by bike

Jesolo has always been a city attentive to gentle mobility, so that inhabitants and visitors can move easily around the city or discover the natural beauty of the area.

For this reason, the recent assignment of the Yellow Flag is a source of pride for the City Beach, which already boasts the Blue Flag for the certification of the cleanliness of bathing water and the Green Flag for Italian Pediatricians.

A few days ago the FIAB (Italian Federation of the Environment and Bicycle) awarded Jesolo the Yellow Flag, an award that rewards the policies and actions implemented by the Municipality to promote cycling.

The City Beach has in fact joined the ComuniCiclabili® project, now in its fourth edition this year and born with the aim of identifying, through objective and measurable criteria, the level of “cycling” of Italian cities, identifying the virtuous behaviors to adopt.

Municipalities that have the minimum regulatory requirements were evaluated, with the assignment of a score from one to five based on data in different areas. The Cycle Municipalities therefore receive a certificate with the “bike smile” conquered, and the corresponding Flag of cycling.

Jesolo obtained three “bike smiles”, with evaluation criteria that concerned “urban infrastructures” (urban cycle paths and traffic and speed moderation), “cycle tourism”, “governance” and “communication & promotion”.

Thanks to 500 kilometers of cycle paths to be discovered in the dedicated section on the portal, in the presence of product clubs with equipped facilities and numerous activities that can be carried out in the area, Jesolo is definitely a destination suitable for cycling and cycling enthusiasts!

Choosing Jesolo for your holidays means discovering the incredible and wild nature of the Venetian Lagoon, using all the services available to cycling enthusiasts that are made available by Jesolo Ambient Bike, Jesolo Bike Hotel and Adria Bikes Hotel. Jesolo Ambient Bike, is a program created to help cyclists from all over the world explore the surroundings of Jesolo: the project consists of 14 routes, of different difficulty, to make you experience different landscapes and characterized by some unique peculiarities.

Jesolo Bike Hotel and Adria Bikes Hotel, on the other hand, bring together a selected group of hotels and farmhouses in Jesolo and the Upper Adriatic, ideal for those who want to take an active holiday on a bicycle, with dedicated and exclusive services.

Bike experiences in Jesolo

To experience an outdoor holiday, Jesolo is the ideal destination and you can choose experiences and activities to do in the surrounding area!

For example, it is possible to leave from Jesolo and visit the islands of S. Erasmo or Pellestrina on a Fat Bike (folding bike) or take an excursion through the incredible colors of the lagoon.

But it is possible to choose longer excursions such as the three days with the “Bike and boat” tour to explore the suggestive landscapes along the rivers and the Lagoon.

You can then make shorter half-day excursions to the nearby towns of Lio Piccolo and Lio Maggiore, unique for their views.

To discover all the experiences on two wheels, there is a dedicated section:

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