I MACCHIAIOLI – Masterpieces of Italy is reborn to new life

UNTIL 30 JUNE 2021
Exhibition ‘I Macchiaioli’ in Padua
I MACCHIAIOLI – Masterpieces of Italy that is reborn

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Extended until June 30, 2021 and therefore open to the public, the review I Macchiaioli. Masterpieces of Italy that is reborn set up in Padua at Palazzo Zabarella. Curated by Giuliano Matteucci and Fernando Mazzocca and with the precious contribution in the catalog of Silvio Balloni and Claudia Fulgheri, expert scholars of the Macchiaioli, it exhibits one hundred masterpieces through which it is intended to celebrate “artists outside the box, free and bold, in spite of conventions and rules weather; artists who loved to paint everyday life, human value, moments of life and the immediacy of acts and emotions with strength, courage and desire to leave day after day with renewed energy in spite of any difficulty “, according to what was declared by the president of the Federico Bano Foundation.

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