Guided tour of an historical Venetian Villa-Ca’ Rezzonico- January 22nd

The building that now houses the Museum of the Venetian Eighteenth Century was built by the will of the Bon family, an exponent of the ancient Venetian nobility. In the mid-seventeenth century they entrusted its execution to the most famous architect of the period: Baldassarre Longhena, who was also responsible for the construction of Ca ‘Pesaro and the Basilica della Salute. However, the monumental project proved too ambitious for the Bon fortunes. The building, in fact, was not yet finished when the architect died in 1682 and shortly after, given the family’s inability to bear the huge costs of the construction site, the works were stopped and the factory remained incomplete. In 1750 Giambattista Rezzonico, of recent nobility – acquired in 1687 through the outlay of money, bought the building and entrusted the completion work to Giorgio Massari, the famous architect at the time. It will be this family that will give the building its name. The works were completed in just six years.
An incredible journey to one of the most beautiful palaces in Venice!

The SUPER GREEN PASS is required for this guided tour

2nd round: ⏰ 11.00
4th round: ⏰ 14.00
5th shift: ⏰ 15.30

⏳ DURATION: 1h30
📍 MEETING: in front of Palazzo Ca ‘Rezzonico in Dorsoduro 3136, 30123 Venice

💶 CONTRIBUTION: 25 euros for adults, 10 euros for CHILDREN up to 16 years
📣 ACCOMPANIMENT: visit conducted by a qualified professional guide. The ticket price includes admission to the museum and whispers

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