Castelbrando lights up the Unesco’s Hills


From the night of June 18, and for all nights to come, the castle of Cison di
Valmarino will give life to a light show that will illuminate the millenary fortress and
will give light to the Prosecco and UNESCO Hills.
Cison di Valmarino (TV), June 17, 2021 – CastelBrando, the famous castle between Cison di Valmarino and Follina,
in the province of Treviso, with the cleaning of the damaged plants of the wood and the climbing ivy on the walls, has
brought to light the spectacle and the majesty of its defensive walls present for 2,000 years.
They were already partially visible from the east but now, with this reorganization and cleaning, they have become a spectacle
majestic also visible from the south and west
But the most spectacular and surprising thing is the lighting of this huge perimeter, yes
silhouetted on the top of the mountain and is very visible both by those who travel along the provincial road from Follina towards
Tarzo-Revine, which vice versa; both by the inhabitants of Follina, Valmareno and by the Cisonesi who see themselves this way
give a bright picture of unusual beauty and majesty.
The property of CastelBrando wanted to donate to the Municipalities of the Valley and above all to the Hills of
Prosecco, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a lighthouse, a reference point for the many tourists who expect
in the next future. Dozens of digital headlights and lights have been installed, over 10 thousand watts, which is not all
illuminate the thousand-year-old defensive walls of the CastelBrando Fortress, but like a huge screen, by
tens of thousands of square meters, by reflection, illuminate the Prosecco Hills, a UNESCO heritage site
The debut day is set for June 18 and from that date the Castle will shine from the twilight every evening
until 24:00.
In the towers, in the towers and in other parts of CastelBrando the historical flags have been hoisted
will stand out day and night for years to come, also as a signal that, once COVID has passed, CastelBrando will
prepares to relive the ancient glories and glories.

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