Caorle- Water procession a must seeon-sept-13th

Caorle – on September 13th water procession
As per TRADITION, the BEAUTIFUL water procession 2021 will take place every 5 YEARS. Next SEPTEMBER

Tradition tells that some fishermen found in the sea a wooden statue of the Madonna and Child which floated despite it resting on a marble pedestal; only children managed to take it to the Cathedral from which it disappeared the next day, only to be inexplicably found at a later time in the small church on the sea which then took the name of the Church of the Madonna dell’Angelo. The Church can be visited every day during the day in the winter months. During the summer it is open from early morning until 11.00 pm.

The water procession sees the participation of virtually all the boats in the city. Small and large, rowed or motorized. Believers and non-believers compete to find the best place along the banks, where the “Caorlina” with its bright colors and the statue of the Madonna will pass. The procession starts from the fish market area where fishing boats are normally anchored and reaches the sea from the harbor entrance, the statue is then unloaded and brought back on foot to the beautiful church where it will remain for another five years. (The next edition will be on 13 SEPTEMBER 2021 – not to be missed -). It is a riot of colors and affection for the TRUE symbol of the CITY OF CAORLE, linked to its “Madonnina del Mare” by an amazing affection. You will see children with grandparents and people of all ages celebrating while everywhere you hear the typical song that accompanies the procession. I had the pleasure of accompanying the Madonna dell’Angelo in the 2013 edition. That year the Caorlina did not go out to sea due to adverse weather conditions. At the end of the procession all the participants in the water parade meet in the marina where there is no shortage of local delicacies based on grilled fish and local sweets. (pio dal cin- text, photos and videos)

It is a real procession … at sea with festively decorated fishing boats, bragozzi and boats from all over the neighborhood following the statue of the Madonna dell’Angelo.

Every five years, on the second Sunday of September, the statue kept in the homonymous church is carried in procession on the caorlina, a rowing boat typical of the Venice lagoon, to finally return to her Sanctuary.

The procession itinerary winds its way from the Fishing Port, along the internal Rio and the Canale dell’Orologio, and then along the sea until it reaches the church again.

A party that never misses any inhabitant of the seaside town of Caorle is the Procession of the Madonna dell’Angelo, also affectionately referred to as MADONNINA DEL MARE

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