Caorle.10,000 sails of solidarity. 4th of July

10,000 sails of solidarity is reactivated for a new project, the fourth in our history.

After the two editions of 4 December 2011 and 7 April 2012 in favor of the flood victims of La Spezia and 5 terre with which, thanks to the donations collected, we were able to buy 2 minibuses for the transport of disabled people for the Coop Gulliver of Brugnato and rebuilt the buoy field of the small port of Vernazza, we were committed to the earthquake victims of Amatrice, organizing a sort of sailing flash mob on 7 May 2017 and delivered, always with the “uncut” proceeds from the fundraising, 155 sets of sportswear for the students of the Scientific High School for sports in the city devastated by the earthquake.

This time we decided to organize a new project, this time without fundraising, in favor of a theme that, unfortunately, fills the pages of newspapers every day and any person of common sense with shame. This time we want to activate the entire world of Italian sailing to express tangible and concrete support for the fight against gender-based violence, and in particular against women.

“10,000 sails against gender violence – let’s change course together”

The world of sailing, in its incredible variations and peculiarities, has long since learned to consider gender equality as an established fact. Indeed, we like to say that on a boat there is no difference in gender, age, class. We are lucky for this and, as sailors usually do, we believe luck should be shared.

Save the date July 4th 2021

For this reason, on July 4th, Sunday, we will invite all those who can have or get a boat, to go out along all the Italian coasts and lakes by hoisting a long red ribbon on their trees as a distinctive sign of belonging to this great, hopefully enormous, solidarity fleet.

We put a red ribbon on all boats

It is a decisive change of course that we must make. All together, women and men, without side alignments, prejudices or dividing thoughts. On the contrary, as in a good crew, the individuals, each with their own characteristics, work in unison to achieve a common result. Together!

Together we try to spread a symbolic, very long red ribbon along all the 8000 kilometers of coasts and lakes of our country.

A start, certainly. But any long journey, the adage goes, always starts with the first step!

We hope that this initiative will not remain an end in itself but instead represents a first approach between a world that can give so much, that of sailing, to a world from which so much if not all has been taken away, that of the victims of violence.


10,000 solidarity sails

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